Fair play-prize

Two fair play-prizes from our head sponsor Stadium (sports retail shop) will be given out to those two teams that have shown great sportsmanship during the cup.

The assessment will be done by a jury of two well qualified formerly active coaches in Norrköping Dolphins.

The fair play-prizes will be given to two teams (one girls team and one boys team) that participated in Stadium Basketball Cup 2018.

The teams leaders and players must have shown just basketball play and also shown respect for the opposing teams, referees and other staff in Stadium Basketball Cup 2018.

The value of the fair play prizes are 2 x SEK 10 000. The fair play jurys ruling is final and cannot be appealed.

Big thanks to our head sponsor Stadium for supporting us with these fair play-prizes!

  • The teams behaviour on and off the court.
  • Parents and team leaders behaviour on and off the court.
  • Honesty, helpfulness, good fellowship, cooperation in the team and fair play shall be rewarded.
  • The team shall respect what the referees say, and their ruling.
  • The team must show that they distance themselves from fraud and violence, e. g. not scoff at their own team members or opposing team members.